Books I've Edited

Here are some of the books I've edited.

When We Were Perfect by [Duvall,  Emily]        A Change of Plans, Safe Harbors #1 by [Weaver, Donna K.]    Blue 52 by [Cantrell,  Elaine]

Gaia's Secret (A Pandoran Novel, #1) by [Kloss, Barbara]    The Keeper's Flame (A Pandoran Novel, #2) by [Kloss, Barbara]    Breath of Dragons (A Pandoran Novel, #3) by [Kloss, Barbara]    Heir of Pendel (A Pandoran Novel, #4) by [Kloss, Barbara]

Stolen Luck (The Luck Series Book 1) by [Weist, Jaclyn]    Twist of Luck (The Luck Series Book 2) by [Weist, Jaclyn]    Best of Luck (The Luck Series Book 3) by [Weist, Jaclyn]    To The Stars by [Hurley,  Suzanne M]

Trouble At Trinity by [Ashby, Kendal]    The Alicorn by [Misner,  Caroline]    Hindsight by [Hagler, Chris E.]    The Color Of Grace by [Kage,  Linda]   

Price of a Kiss (Forbidden Men Book 1) by [Kage, Linda]    A Countess of Convenience by [Winn,  Sarah]    Stormrise: Special Edition (The Storm Chronicles Book 1) by [Knizley, Skye]    Merryweather Lodge - Ultimate Sacrifice by [Holyoak,  Pauline]

The Corpse Wore Cashmere by [Rochester,  Sylvia]    Psychic Evidence by [Costa,  Carol]    Circle Circle Line Dot by [Goldsamt,  Alan]    The Rocks Beneath by [Walters,  M A]

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